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Japanese company showcases its nano foam products

A Japanese company Micro-bub has created an innovative product that utilizes nano technology in order to revolutionize cleaning, and has its products on show at this year's East China Fair (ECF) in Shanghai, March 1 to 5.

Micro-bub uses a process called cavitation, which allows the formation of vapor cavities in a liquid, to make nano foams, measuring a mere 100 nanometers across. These foams are able to penetrate much deeper than traditional cleaning products and thus can clean more effectively.

At present, there are nine ways to make nano foams. But Micro-bub is the only developer to make it practical. When being used in a standard home washing machine, dirt and odors are cleaned up, but additionally, the nano foams are also able to clean the inner side of the washing machine cylinder.

The nano foams can wash away PM2.5 particulate matter as well as sand stuck to clothes, which cannot be cleaned by ordinary laundry detergent, because the nano foams can penetrate deeper into the fiber. People who are allergic to washing powder can also use the nano foams to wash clothes as it leaves no residue.

Nano foams are also able to stay in water for long time without diluting, providing the oxygen in the water is nano crystallized, which is less harmful to the marine environment.

Experiments have shown that when the nano foams were used, the amount of E coli and Clostridium botulinum in water was reduced significantly. Nano foams can also save water and cut carbon dioxide emissions, according to research.

A nano water generator, which creates the nano foam, has been developed by Micro-bub and has applications beyond just washing at home. It can be used in nursing homes, spa facilities, pet shops, beauty shops, zoos, washing rooms, kitchens, gardens, in aquaculture, the shipping industry, in residential buildings and in home appliances. The generator has earned a group of titles and certifications in Japan, such as "Only One", "Tornado saver" in 2010 and "Micro bubble economy saver" in 2012.

Domestic exhibitors and visitors to the ECF can get a closer look at the world-leading technology at the fair.